Miss Juneteenth 2019-2020

Saniya Gay holds the title of Miss Juneteenth 2019-2020. Her platform issue is Domestic Violence and she has been very supportive of this cause bringing awareness to this problem that plagues many families.

Mission Statment

The Delaware Juneteenth Association (DEJA) develops and implements strategic prevention programming that addresses the problems facing our communities: alcohol, tobacco and substance abuse, domestic and gang related violence, teen pregnancy and low self-esteem by educating our children from pre-school to young adults through workshops and cultural events that provide knowledge and celebrate the African American experience as our heritage relates to all people.


The Delaware Juneteenth Association (DEJA) is a statewide community-based organization of compassionate volunteers, who are dedicated to helping and serving people. Our purpose is to advance the historical, cultural, educational, social, self-esteem building and knowledge of prevention. This is implemented through the provision of programs and activities to communities’ youth and families.   

Male Juneteenth Kingship

With the aim of connecting with as many young men as possible, the Male Juneteenth Kingships young men ages 8-18 display their talent. Varying in forms of rap, playing musical instruments, singing and dancing they compete to become our next Mister Junetennth.

4th Annual Freedom Scholarship Fundraising Gala 2020

This will be a night of elegance, celebration and freedom. Guests will enjoy a warm and friendly setting with a subtle ambience, scrumptious meal, entertainment and dancing.  

How You Can Help

Send Donation

If you would like to support the Delaware Juneteenth Association’s (DEJA) efforts in empowering our youth and their families, please consider making a charitable donation. Your contributions are tax deductible and appreciated.

Become a Volunteer

You can get involved today by becoming a Volunteer. Sign up and you will be joining a group of change-makers, a network strong enough to impact positive change in the lives of children.

Give Scholarship

Your gift will help equip children in need with necessary resources, training and education while offering the promise of a brighter future. You can make a difference today by signing up.